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BREAKPOINT presents: Sudoku

This is Dr Tetsuo. Dr Tetsuo is doing research on logical thinking and, in the process, is hoping to find some bright minds that excel above others. To achieve this, he has devised a whole multitude of diagram puzzles, called Sudoku, to test those willing to take up his challenge.

Dr Tetsuo won't leave you hanging, however. There are several options to help you. You can enter predicted digits, highlight the same digit in a diagram, as well as have your mistake shown to you. Don't worry if you were never good in math. All you need to rely on here is your logic - mathematical knowledge is not required.


  • Generate an almost limitless number of diagrams
  • Play on three difficulty levels
  • Create your own diagrams
  • Auto-solve any diagram
  • Helpful features: tutorial, pencilmarks, show mistake, highlight digits
  • High scores: points for time and level of difficulty
  • Total number of all solved Sudoku is saved in phone's memory


"Sudoku from Breakpoint company is the best Sudoku game, I´ve played on mobile phone. Superb graphics and playability ensure fun for a long time. Great job!"

- by Martin Simon, www.GSM4U.cz

"Breakpoint takes the trend sudoku to mobile phones. Thanks to three different difficulty levels and the fact that numbers which are set apparently wrong are highlighted you can finally play sudoku everywhere without the need to buy a newspaper."

- by Niklas Bakos, "mymobilefun"

"This must be one of the most ambitious and beautiful Sudoku games currenly available on a mobile phone, and its almost ridiculously easy to play and get hooked!"

- by Takashi Hoshino, Telcogames

"Latest game from Breakpoint called Sudoku seems to follow all time growing quality of their products. Nice comic cartoon graphic and classical logical fun, which only Sudoku can bring. If you like to train your brain, here is the possibility."

- by Ondrej Drebota, MobilHry

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