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BREAKPOINT presents: Rogue Lords - The Tears of Sitanel

Rogue Lords are men who in the world of feudal lords want to serve no-one and no-one to serve them; they just want to be their own masters. They are mysterious characters which roam the streets alone, self styled outcasts. They often carry out the dirty tasks which ordinary people loath to do. They always work alone and always in their own way.

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The Tears of Sitanel

The days of the Empire are numbered. The Counsel realizes that the imminent death of the last Overlord of Essgert will bring war and chaos to the realm. However the dying Overlord will not let his life extinguish without one last throw of the dice. A legend has it that beneath the mountains in the depths, deeper than the hell itself, the fallen angel Sitanel bemoans his fate. According to the legend his tears can give immortality. However it is just a legend and everyone knows legends rarely tell all the aspects of the truth.

"Breakpoint takes you into one of the best fantasy worlds I have seen on mobile. This game brings back memories about Wolfenstein, the first game I really got addicted to years ago."

Kristian Nordahl, Mobile Media

"Breakpoint has done it again; this is an awesome game for your mobile, great game play for all phone gamers."

Adrian Fidler, Airgames


  • The first game in the new Rogue Lords series in which the player takes the role of a Torturer
  • First Person Perspective game set in a dark fantasy world
  • Our Fast 3D engine allows combat with multiple monsters
  • Unbelievable graphics, sound and vibration effects
  • Various types of weapons including swords, axes and crossbows
  • Secret passages and hidden treasures to find
  • 10 detailed levels full of gory beasts
  • Interactive maps of the labyrinths to help the player's exploration
  • Easy and intuitive controls
  • Automatic running and 180 turns available
  • The first action game on the series 40 handsets with such intricate graphics and storyline
  • Series 60 versions to have many added animations and features

The future of Essgert lies in your hands!

Take on the character of the Torturer and experience a dark, medieval world full of magic and monsters...

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