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Breakpoint presents: Monster Police

Breakpoint is proud to announce the release of the adrenalin pumping Monster Police.

Your mission is to capture escaping bandits using every means necessary. Nobody knows the roads better than you after all you were the best gun runner in the southern hemisphere. However times have changed and now you are the law and it's up to you to serve up your own form of justice.

Monster Police fuses pulsating racing with pure action packed fun as you try to capture your opponent by any means necessary. Race along gorgeous tracks packed with obstacles, opponents and animated animals. Racing under the pressure of the clock Monster Police makes sure that your adrenaline glands are pumping as you strive to catch up to your opponent. But it's not as easy as it sounds; they're not going to give up that without a fight so when you reach them you're going to have to use your rockets and the power of your truck to force them off the road.

Monster Police-You are the LAW!


  • High Speed driving thrills
  • Explosive Action
  • No holds barred bandit catching
  • 10 gorgeous tracks to race
  • Super Sound Fx
  • Arcade and Total Chaos Modes
  • Pure Fun
  • Slick and intuitive controls

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