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Breakpoint moves with Yamakasi Masters

February 19, 2007

Another license-based game from Breakpoint: Yamakasi Masters based on the founders of 'Motion Art' is going to be brought to mobile this year.

Owing to the recently signed agreement with XMactive Ltd., Breakpoint has been granted the exclusive mobile license from the Yamakasi Founders themselves (Yann, Lorenzo, Chau and Willy). The unique urban movement of Yamakasi is a combination of extreme sport, martial arts and a way of life and is compared sometimes with Samurais.

Paweł Feldman, Licensing and Publishing Manager at Breakpoint says, "It is the next exciting game after 'Footbag Freestyle' that Breakpoint is going to publish this year. We are proud to be the first ones to recognize the potential of these underground cultures."

The mobile game is planned as a dynamic, 2D side-scrolling game which will focus on how a character moves. The game's graphics and physics will play a tremendous role in this production, trying to give the best impression of 'the art of movement.'

"We are eager to see Yamakasi art on mobile screens" - said Yann Hnautra from Yamakasi founders group - "I hope the mobile game will popularize our movement and bring a lot of fun to everybody."

The Yamakasi Masters mobile game will be developed and published by the same team that works now on another license-based game: The Witcher. Yamakasi is the third license acquired in 2007 by Breakpoint which in line with its growth strategy.

Breakpoint ( www.breakpointgames.com)

Breakpoint aims to be one of the most creative and influential companies in the mobile business. It is growing rapidly as a developer and a publisher of mobile games. Titles span both original and license-based IP's in all game genres for the Java, Brew and Doja platforms. The applications are distributed in more than 50 countries on more than 350 handset types. The company also offers porting and QA services. Breakpoint is part of MNI Group - the leading Central European telecom (WAR:MNI), which offers 3G expertise, premium rate and IVR services, and acts as MVNO.


Yamakasi group was founded 10 years ago in France and is made of a group of world famous athletes of l'art du déplacement (French: Motion Art). The philosophy of the Yamakasis focuses on aesthetics and complete freedom of movement from point A to point B. The sportsmen often practice in urban areas because of many suitable public structures, such as buildings, rails, and walls. They surmount obstacles using skills such as jumping, vaulting, climbing. The name 'Yamakasi' is taken from Lingala, a language spoken in Congo, and means strong spirit, strong body, strong man.

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Adam Kucza

PR Manager, Breakpoint


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