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Breakpoint launches Sudoku for mobiles

Polish publisher catches on to the number puzzle craze with a dedicated mobile version

Taking advantage of the craze that appears to be sweeping the globe at the moment, Warsaw-based mobile publishers and developers Breakpoint has announced a new mobile exclusive version of Sudoku.

The mathematical logic puzzle, originating in Japan, has been around for decades, but has recently seen a phenomenal surge in mass-market popularity. The premise involves filling in the gaps on a grid with numbers from 1-9. The problem comes from the fact that each row, column and region (one of nine sub grids within the puzzle) can only contain the numbers 1-9 once.

A number of Sudoku titles and variants on the theme have begun appearing on all media formats, including mobile. Breakpoint's version, while adopting a colourful cartoon style, remains true to the original Sudoku puzzle format.

Game features include a tutorial, pencil marks for guesswork yet to be confirmed, a highlight option which reveals individual digits on the entire puzzle or in specific rows and columns, and the option to reveal any mistakes made.

According to breakpoint, Sudoku Mobile can generate "an almost limitless number of diagrams," and also includes three difficulty levels, a 'create your own Sudoku' feature and an automatic solution for every puzzle.

The title has already received a very positive reaction from a number of wireless industry firms, including Telcogames, who stated: "This must be one of the most ambitious and beautiful Sudoku games currently available on a mobile phone, and it's almost ridiculously easy to play and get hooked."

Breakpoint develops and publishes a comprehensive portfolio of mobile content, localizing games for several different languages and reaching more than 50 countries across the globe through strategic retail and distribution partnerships. The company intends to focus its attention on complex, 3D connected and multiplayer mobile gaming in the future.

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