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BRAND NEW SINGLE MISSION INFO AND SCREENSHOTS RELEASED FOR "DANGEROUS WATERS" COMBINED ARMS NAVAL SIM! has released brand new information about some of the single player missions that will be available for the upcoming "Dangerous Waters" combined arms naval sim from Sonalysts Combat Simulations, including mission briefings and action screenshots.

  • Deploy Special Forces on Felipe Island in the Phillipines from your submarine!
  • Evacuate the U.S. Ambassador from East Timor flying your MH-60 Seahawk helicopter or commanding a Perry class frigate!
  • Prevent a midget suicide attack by the Aum Shinrikyo cult on the Seikan Tunnel, the world's longest underwater tunnel in Japan.
  • Track Russian submarines using your P-3 Orion aircraft as they cross SOSUS Trip Wires on their way to Korea!

Just a few examples on the variety of missions waiting on you in "Dangerous Waters"!

The single player mission section can be found at

The game will ship with dozens of single player missions and a full campaign (the details of which are yet to be released), as well as a powerful full-featured mission editor, including scripting options and real world geological data for the entire planet (!), and over 270 air, naval, land and submarine units.

Find out more about this unique combined arms simulation "Dangerous Waters" at:

"Dangerous Waters" will not be sold in stores and will only be available via mail-order directly from

About is an independent, internet-based publisher and developer of superior war and strategy games, among them the award-winning 3D tactical WWII combat simulation series Combat Mission (three successive Wargame of the Year Awards).

Other titles include "S.C.S.-Dangerous Waters", the upcoming combined arms naval warfare simulation from Sonalysts Combat Simulations, as well as "Strategic Command - European Theater" (PC Gamer - 90%), and the famous "TacOps4" modern combat simulation, a commercial version of the official tactical training tool used by the U.S. Army. Besides computer games, offers a selection of books, prints, and other warfare related articles to one of the world's largest and fastest growing wargamer fan communities!

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About Sonalysts, Inc.

Sonalysts, based in Waterford, CT, is an employee-owned business with approximately 450 employees. Its annual sales are in excess of $50M and it has been serving Government and commercial clients since 1973. Sonalysts began developing computer simulation games for the commercial market in the mid-nineties as part of its diversification plan following the end of the cold war. Sonalysts has developed three PC naval simulation games to date - 688(I) Hunter/KillerTM, Jane's Fleet CommandTM, and Sub CommandTM. Each of these games has won a variety of awards from "Best Combat Sim of the Year" to "Best Maritime Sim" of 2001. Sonalysts' games provide the user with a scalable experience so that the most dedicated simulation and casual players can both equally enjoy them. All of the games (including the S.C.S. - Dangerous Waters engine) have been used by the U.S. military for training and/or as a simulation analysis tool. Jane's Fleet Command has been used by ABC and NBC News to assist in broadcast visualization of military operations in Iran, Kosovo, and Afghanistan.

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