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Bounty – Special Edition embarks on its online journey!

We condone Piracy! Find out why!

For Immediate Release

THESSALONIKI, GREECE - May 26th 2006 - Total Eclipse ( is proud to announce that their pirate game, Bounty - Special Edition, is now available. Set sail for adventure with Mirabelle and her motley crew, following the clues to a treasure of a lifetime, in this puzzle/action game that will surely shiver your timbers!

Play 140 mind-challenging levels making your way to victory, as you try to discover the booty of the notorious Captain Black Jack. Enjoy 2 additional game modes, Eternity and Cruise, for a variation on the gameplay and 12 different visual and aural themes of hand-drawn graphics and original orchestral music, which, by thunder, could be some of the best you've seen and heard in a while. Watch over 35 minutes of comic cutscenes, as Mirabelle's story unfolds in front of your eyes, leading you to a finale you can hardly expect!

The objective of Bounty is simple yet challenging. Remove all the pieces from the playing board to pass each level. To do this, click on a row to push its pieces to the left and make matches of the same type of pieces at the reception row, below the bottom border. Watch the timer and clear each level before the time runs out. Remember! When you don't make a match in the reception row all pieces are pushed upwards. Collect and use power ups whenever you need an extra hand of help, while working around obstacles that appear throughout the game.

The High Seas await you! Experience the thrill for yourself by downloading the free demo from the official Bounty - Special Edtion website at

About Total Eclipse
Total Eclipse ( designs and develops online and downloadable games, aiming for a universal target group. At Total Eclipse, we believe that making games should be like playing games: Fun!
We are very passionate about our projects and take great pride in our work. We strive for perfection so we can offer the best to the player, by developing original concepts that guarrantee a thrilling, long-lasting experience. We give great attention to detail, aiming to please even the most demanding players in the market. Total Eclipse is a subsidiary of ZEFXIS and is located in Thessaloniki, Greece.


For Evaluation Copy contact Argiris Bendilas at

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For Additional Information contact: Argiris Bendilas at

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