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Bounty Bay Online

Overhauled website sets sail.

New year, new add-on, new website – Bounty Bay Online has started into the new year with a lot fresh drive. Following the launch of the colony add-on last week, publisher Frogster has bid farewell to the winter dreariness and just launched a new website for the sailor game. The fully reconditioned internet harbour now sports a pretty and user friendly re-design and an optimized navigation. Particularly the screenshot gallery and the wallpaper section have been cleared out and rearranged. A flash box in the header features small revolving videos from the explorer world. Last but not least, the item shop for Bounty Bay Online has been completely overhauled and restructured. It is now accessible from like usual.

With the colony add-on launched, it’s now up to the players to conquer one of the 33 colony regions and to expand their retreats to profitable trade or military bases. A trailer for the colony add-on is available on the new pages:,0,0.html. Bounty Bay Online is available for free. Ordinary seamen can register for an account and download the game on

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