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Bounty Bay Online - London under Siege on Saturday

"London is under siege" - from now on, this news might again be whispered from ear to ear. At least by the citizens of Bounty Bay Online, were city sieges are now a danger as well as an adventure that might just happen to you. Starting Saturday, guilds can fight for the control over the British capital. For this, they first have to take the city walls under fire from sea, battle their way through harbour defences on foot and then defeat the old major - all this might happen also in competition against other guilds. As soon as London is conquered, the new rulers can set taxes and other parameters to their will, profiting greatly from their victory.

Following Sunday, city sieges are also possible in Cape Town. Before these battles are opened, a bidding and spy time system makes sure that combatants have enough time to prepare themselves for the sometimes longer fights. Details for this with a detailed schedule can be found on the game's official web page.

Bounty Bay Online puts gamers in the time of early discoveries in the 15th century. Every gamer builds his own online destiny, whether you choose to be a merchant, adventurer, fisherman or pirate. Besides Europe, Africa and Asia also await players to be explored.

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