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Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition

Arrives on Mac on December 3rd.

Gearbox Software and Feral Interactive today announced that the Mac edition of Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition, the unique role-playing shooter from Gearbox Software, will be hitting stores on December 3rd. The Borderlands Game of the Year package comes complete with the best-selling Borderlands stand-alone game, its entire game add-on library, and a bonus fold out map of Pandora.

Borderlands has been a runaway commercial and critical hit since its release last year. Players are able to take on one of four bounty hunters, each with unique skills and weapon proficiencies, as they take quest for information and valuable alien artifacts rumored to reside in ‘The Vault’. Players have only their wits and whatever weapons they can find to face off against the numerous enemies they encounter while searching for the Vault.

Borderlands represents a brave, new take on the role playing shooter game on the Mac,” said Feral Interactive managing director David Stephen. “It thoroughly deserves the critical and commercial success it has enjoyed and we are honored to be publishing it on the Mac.”

Borderlands sports a unique combination of features that make it a gaming experience unlike anything else on the Mac. Prime among these are a groundbreaking content-generation system that provides a nearly endless variety of weapons, robust four-player co-op support that makes for a compelling multiplayer experience, RPG-style character progression allied to an FPS-style game mechanics and a super sharp visual style that gives the game a highly distinctive comic book look.

Mac customers will also receive all four frenzied add-on adventures included with the Borderlands Game of the Year edition including The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx , latest new adventure – Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution – where players will join forces in an attempt to suppress the infamous Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap. 

“We are absolutely thrilled that Mac gamers will now be able to join in on the world of Pandora in Borderlands.” said Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox Software. “The best part is that every Mac gamer gets to experience the game plus all the ass-kicking add-on packs for Borderlands!  They are getting the full complete package, and this is the best way to enjoy such an extravasplosive game like Borderlands.”

Borderlands Game of the Year Edition for Mac will retail in North America for US$49.95, £34.95 (inc. VAT) in the UK and €39.95 (inc. VAT) throughout Europe. It’s available to pre-order now through Feral’s online store ( http://www.feralinteractive.com/?section=buy&game=borderlands), and there is also a mini-site dedicated to the game ( www.feralinteractive.com/borderlands).

Minimum system requirements call for a 1.8 GHz Intel Mac with at least 2 GB RAM, 128 MB or better graphics card, DVD drive, and Mac OS X v10.6.4 or later. The following cards are NOT supported: ATI X1xxx series, NVIDIA 7xxx series and Intel GMA series.

EDITORS: Screenshots, logos and other essential graphics and multimedia tools for Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition can be found online in the Feral Press Area ( http://press.feral.co.uk/). Please use your assigned login recently provided to you. If you do not have a login, please contact Brad Gibson, Feral PR Manager, at bgibson@feralinteractive.com.

About Feral Interactive

Feral Interactive is a leading publisher of games for the Macintosh platform, founded in 1996 and based in London, England. It is responsible for such Macintosh hits as BioShock, Rome: Total War, Lego Star Wars II, Sid Meier’s Pirates, Tomb Raider Anniversary, Black & White, Mini Ninjas, Colin McRae Rally Mac and Battlestations Pacific. Please visit our Web site at http://www.feralinteractive.com , find us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/feralgames or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/feralinteractive.

About Gearbox Software

Gearbox Software is respected industry wide for the award winning, best-selling original and licensed video games they have developed for major video game platforms.  Founded in 1999 and located near Dallas, TX, Gearbox Software is well known for the creation and development of their original blockbuster franchise, Borderlands, and has developed numerous top selling add-on packs for Borderlands.  Additionally Gearbox now has ownership of the Duke Nukem franchise, created and developed the Brothers in Arms series and developed games and added value to many of the industry’s top franchises including Halo, Half-Life, Tony Hawk, James Bond and others.  Gearbox Software’s success has been enabled and supported through several key mutually beneficial business relationships with strong publishing partners including Activision, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft Entertainment, Microsoft Games Studios, Sega of America and Take-Two/2K Games. 

Currently Gearbox Software is in development with Duke Nukem Forever published by 2K Games, Aliens: Colonial Marines, published by Sega, and other unannounced AAA games for multiple platforms including the Microsoft Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Windows PC, Mac, Nintendo DS, PSP and more.  Please visit http://www.gearboxsoftware.com for more information.

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Date: November 18th, 2010

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