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Boowie! The Strong Warrior

2D iPhone shooter to hatch next month.

Egg Ball, new game developer studio specialized in downloadable games on iPhone, PSP and PS3, is proud to announce Boowie! The strong warrior, a shoot’em up in 2D, released in the beginning of April 2010.

Be the one!

In this adventure, the player controls Boowie, the warrior of Weezies people, the only one of its kind to be able to defeat hordes of Darkness enemies : The Boozas. Boowie has evolved and acquired his extraordinary strength after awkwardly swallowed a Booza, becoming the hero overpowered of his people.

Battle countless enemies.

Evolve in an unprecedented world facing up attacks becoming more and more intense. Use all of your skills (shoot, punchs and special attacks) to kill thousands of enemies.

Mains features:

• Share your achievements with the world, unlock success and boost your high scores

online with Open Feint.

• Non-stop action with big waves of enemies.

• A progressive difficulty that will test your address.

• An attractive and original 2D environment.

About Egg Ball

Founded in 2010 by 4 video game’s professionals, Egg Ball is a game développer studio based in Paris, whose set his sight on providing worldwide gamers fun games with a real work on graphism and gameplay . Their first game, Boowie! The strong warrior, Comes with dozens of ennemies to fight in April.

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