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Boot Camp

Multiplayer mobile shooter launching next month in Japan.

For immediate release

Gala Mobile Inc., a consolidated subsidiary of the online game publisher Gala Inc, announces Boot Camp, an online shooter game with persistent character and player ladder developed by Web ENG Korea Co. Ltd. The game is due to be launched in Japan in May 2008.

Boot Camp is a top-down shooter featuring online multiplayer battles of up to 16 players, a persistent character growth and a player ladder system. The game also includes a single-player offline play.

With an easily-accessed chat system, friend lists, ranks and player ladders, and player guilds, Boot Camp has everything to become a leader in online mobile games. A badge system is also avaible to show everyone one’s achievements within the game, and the CyberCOPS filter system developed by Gala Mobile to provide a safe gaming environnement is fully implemented in the game system.

The game can be played free for one month, and a monthly fee of 415 yens (approximately 3.5US$) has to be paid afterwards. Boot Camp is due to be launched in May 2008 in Japan, with no release scheduled for America or Europe for the moment.

- About Gala Mobile Inc. -

Gala Mobile Inc. is a consolidated subsidiary of the Tokyo-based game publisher Gala Inc focused on Mobile Services and Games publishing. As part of the Gala Group’s effort to provide customers with rich and satisfying gaming experience through enhancement of its portfolio of games for both PC and cell phones, Gala Mobile is currently working towards the launch of additional titles.

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