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Bomb 'N Dash Coin Event to Win Laptop and iPod


Bomb 'N Dash, which is currently serviced under Korea IT Promotion Agency(KIPA)'s global service platform, started the 2nd Gold coin event on June 15th.. The prizes are even more excellent than the 1st coin event in May. The event is going to give away plenty of great prizes, such as Dell laptop, iPod Nano 4GB, Bomb 'N Dash doll set, etc. The winner of the 1st coin event, MONSPO (game nickname) said, "I really enjoyed the Bomb 'N Dash and its event during the 1st coin event. I still remember how excited I was to win the laptop. The last two competitors were so close in the last minutes. I think I was just lucky. I hope I can get the chance to join the event again to win more prizes." Who is going to be the next winner? The more you take the coins, the greater your chances are of winning the prize. The event is from 15th of June to 2nd of July.

About the event:

When: June 15th 7am - July 2nd 7am GMT

How: Search for randomly appearing Gold Coins on the map during a game and collect the coins as much as you can to get the point in the multi mode or single mode as well. The most point winner will get the Dell laptop.


1st prize : Dell Laptop Inspiration 6400 2nd prize : iPod 4GB Over 10 point winner : 3,000 pung Over 30 point winner : another 5,000 pung Over 50 point winner : another 5,000 pung + Bomb `N Dash Doll Set

How to know my Gold Coin point

Go Website > Ranking menu > My Ranking Box to check your ranking. Also click point tap to see the point ranking and if you want to track your point history, check my mecord in the account page.

Winner Announcement:

July 3rd 9AM GMT

About Innodis

Innodis is a digital cultural contents entertainment company that develops online games and provides related services. The company also conducts e-Business to respond to the current digital age which embraces new values involving the fusion of cultures and networks. Bomb 'N Dash is the first online video game Innodis is introducing for the global game market. For more information about Innodis, please visit

About Bomb 'N Dash

Bomb 'N Dash is a free-to-play casual real-time 3-D action game that has you throwing and dodging bombs as you are challenged through the exciting worlds. This game incorporates elements from fighting and strategy games and allows you to compete against or with other players from around the globe. You can choose from 6 amazing characters each with varying abilities that compliment each other. So gather your friends and family to battle against other players or the Dark Spirits who are vying for control of Happyland. Please visit

About Game&

Game&, which is part of 'Global Service Platform" project, is initiated by Korean government-affiliated "Korean IT Promotion Agency(KIPA)". Its role is to accelerate recognition of Korean online games to the global gamers and Silkroad Online, Shot Online, Gun Bound, War Rock successfully made inroads into the North American or European market during their services in Game& Currently five online games including "Record of Lunia War" are being published by Game&


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