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Bohle Company free advice

PR firm visits GGDA members.

The Bohle Company ( www.thebohlecompany.com) was one of the first PR firms to specialize in tech and games. The firm has handled all genres of games, on all platforms, including titles and apps for the new smart phones.  Sue's team works for the big publishers but prefers working for indies, lucky for us!  Sue was the lead speaker on game industry PR at GDC for five years. She’s spoken at SIEGE, Games + Learning + Society and Casual Connect. 

This is your chance for some great, short, ongoing help.

Have a new title to launch in 2011? Need help raising awareness of your game development services within our game community? Trying to move from contract work to your own IP, or visa-versa? She’s helped many an indie make that transition. Have tools you can market to other studios? Do you need help getting the media coverage that gets a publisher to take notice and offer you a deal?

If you are interested, contact Sue at sue@bohle.com or call 310 785 0515 ext. 223.

Meetings will be at:

Georgia Department of Economic Development

75 Fifth St. NW, Suite 1200

Atlanta GA 30308

Best Regards,

Clinton Lowe



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