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Bohemia Interactive to demonstrate VBS2 at Interservice Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC)

Prague, Czech Republic - 15th November 2005

Bohemia Interactive (BI) is pleased to announce that Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2) will be demonstrated at I/ITSEC, to be held at the Florida Convention Center in Orlando, from November 28 - December 1, 2005. BI will be located at booth #1028 in Hall B, co-located with the hardware technology developer Cyberdome.

Due for release in Q3 2006, VBS2 provides a low-cost military-off-the-shelf interactive virtual environment suitable for a wide range of training and analytical purposes. Guided by comprehensive feedback from various organizations including the USMC and the Australian Defence Force, BI has developed VBS2 as a flexible and scalable simulation solution, capable of being used in a variety of roles from desktop trainer through to providing fully immersive virtual reality. VBS2 is suitable for training small teams in urban tactics, practicing entire combat teams in combined arms operations or even non-military usage such as incident response or terrain visualization.

The simulation engine driving VBS2 is Real Virtuality, developed by BI over the past decade into one of the most advanced computer-based visualization systems available. New data streaming technology allows VBS2 to support terrain areas of over 100 x 100 kilometers in size and potentially millions of terrain features such as buildings and vegetation. Moving grass and trees and ambient life such as insects and birds provide virtual environments of unparalleled realism, and improved physics and artificial intelligence (AI) make for a truly immersive experience.

VBS2 supports very large network sessions through new multiplayer game technology, and includes requested features such as join-in-progress and improved administrator functionality. VBS2 provides improved simulation of complex urban areas, including destructible buildings (on request), round penetration through walls and operable doors that can be destroyed. Weapon platforms are also improved, with added capability for thermal imaging, simulation of fire control systems and turret override.

The VBS2 terrain editing tool, Visitor 3, will support direct import of terrain and shape data allowing customer organizations to easily recreate any area of operation (AO) in the simulation. Coupled with the appropriate 3D models (BI can develop 3D models from photos on demand at competitive rates), VBS2 is the perfect mission rehearsal or AO familiarization tool. All VBS1 features (including After-Action Review, Observer and Instructor Interface functionality) have been improved and built into the VBS2 core product to create a powerful, off-the-shelf training and/or analytical tool.

VBS2 is shipped with a powerful scenario editor, and also provides a template-based scenario creation system designed to reduce the time spent in mission design. VBS2 also includes a real-time command and control functionality for large numbers of AI or human participants. Planned HLA and DIS compliance will allow VBS2 to be used in conjunction with other virtual, live or constructive simulations, and full support for Virtual Reality makes VBS2 suitable for a range of additional non-desktop based training applications such as loadmaster training.

Our current simulation product, VBS1, will continue to be supported by BI for years to come. VBS1 is a more modular product than VBS2 offering great flexibility at a low cost. VBS1 has very low hardware requirements and its product range consists of numerous proven modules and addons. Visit the Virtual Battlespace website for more information on the capabilities of VBS1.

We look forward to your visit to the VBS2 / Cyberdome booth (#1028 Hall B), where you will be able to view a demonstration of the VBS2 product and also trial new Virtual Reality technology within the simulation (to be used with the upcoming Loadmaster Virtual Reality Training System - LVRS).

More information about VBS can be found at, or contact

ABOUT BOHEMIA INTERACTIVE Bohemia Interactive is an independent game development company with studios in the Czech Republic and Australia. Founded in 1999, the Company focuses on developing state-of-the-art computer entertainment software and research in advanced real-time 3D graphics, artificial intelligence and physical simulation technologies for real-time interactive environments. The Company's debut release, Operation Flashpoint (for PC), published by Codemasters, has won universal acclaim for its realism in simulating military conflict situations. BI has developed even more advanced game technology -- Virtual Battlespace 1 that is used by military organizations around the world to train real soldiers for combat. The Company was awarded the Best PC Game Developer of the Year 2001 Award in London and the Rookie Studio of the Year Award at GDC 2002 in San Jose. For more information about Bohemia Interactive visit


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