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Bobby Carrot 2

Now available to be picked for the iPhone.

We are happy to announce that Bobby Carrot 1-4 (classics) are coming to the iPhone this year. Take a trip back to the beginning of the game series, which started as a little J2ME mobile game back in 2004. Each classic game is released for an introductory price of just $0.99!

About Bobby Carrot on iPhone/iPod touch:

In January 09, FDG released "Bobby Carrot Forever" to the iPhone and iPod touch. With 15 hours of playtime and awesome graphics & sound, it was well received by the press and consumers, scoring multiple awards. This release was a remake of the mobile game "Bobby Carrot 5" which marked the finale of the series on J2ME phones.

Now all fans of the game can enjoy the prequels right on their iPhone or iPod touch. Starting with "Bobby Carrot 1 CLSX" by the end of March 09, we release one prequel per month until "Bobby Carrot 4 CLSX" which is going to be released in June 2009.

About the basic gameplay:

The main task is simple: Accompany a cute rabbit named "Bobby Carrot" through beautifully designed levels and collect all carrots to open the magic exit into the next level. The difficulty rises with clever environmental puzzles, based on traps and obstacles which are blocking the path.

About Bobby Carrot 2 classic:

Bobby Carrot is back again! In this 2nd part of the classic series, you journey through a snowy winterland. Right at the start, there’s a little story in which Bobby gets to rescue a cute little squirrel. As in the original, this game contains all 30 puzzle levels and some new puzzle elements. In addition we have also built in 20 Easter egg levels as a bonus! The game principle hasn’t changed: Collect all of the carrots within a level in order to open the magic exit. There are plenty of traps and obstacles to block you on your way. Find the right path!

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