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Blue Sphere Games Announces its Second Coca-Cola Mobile Game "Coca-Cola Soccer"

For Immediate Release

Birmingham, UK (23rd September, 2005)

Blue Sphere Games, a leading developer of mobile games, is proud to announce the release of its second Coca-Cola mobile game: "Coca-Cola Soccer".

An exciting new departure from ordinary mobile phone football games, Coca-Cola Soccer is a brand new, urban-style football game with a touch of real Coke magic! The game plays just like 5 a side football with the addition of some Coca-Cola power ups:-

1) FlameBall - where the ball turns into an unstoppable ball of flame, perfect for that all important shot at goal

2) IceBall - where the ball turns into a ball of ice, turning any opposing player it touches into a frosted snow man.

3) Telepass - in this power-up, the ball acquires an instant "teleport pass" capability. When the player passes the ball, all action is paused as the ball dematerialises; and then re-materialises at the feet of the pass's recipient, perfect for that break away attack.

4) Lightningshot - This awesome power-up turns the ball into a blue/white lightning globe. The ball can then be shot, leaving a lightning trail behind, as the player makes it turn in any direction he wishes. This guided lighting missile can allow you to score from anywhere on the pitch!

"Coca-Cola Soccer" is an ultra-new, super-exciting slant on the world's favourite sport, full of extraordinary football graphics, authentic football action and fantastic graphic and sound effects designed to keep even the most demanding player enthralled for hours!

Blue Sphere Chairman David Bozward says: "The 'twist' of this Coca-Cola Soccer game makes it incredible fun for players of all ages. It's a totally new generation of mobile phone football game - and whether or not the players are football fans, they're guaranteed to find it totally addictive!"

Antonia Toczyska, Acting European Licensing Director for Coca-Cola stated: "We are very excited about the launch of Coca-Cola Soccer as it enables us to further engage teens and young adults while leveraging our strong association with football. Blue Sphere Games have used their expertise to cleverly integrate the brand in a new and exciting way which we are sure will prove very successful".

About Blue Sphere Games Ltd.

Blue Sphere GamesTM (www.bluespheregames.com) is a mobile services software company, developing JavaTM games, content and services for the international mobile industry.

With a range of major concepts currently in production, this specialist, mobile-based Group has since 2002 amassed an impressive portfolio of over 52 JavaTM games, all of which are being successfully deployed in partnership with a number of mobile operators and service providers throughout the world, ensuring a profitable global distribution network.

This year, Blue Sphere Games has also signed significant licensing agreements with a number of well known media, game and consumer brands including Coca-Cola, Land Rover, Mr. Bean from Tiger Aspect, Disworld from Terry Pratchett, Dilbert from Scott Adam and Dennis the Menace from the Beano comic. Most games are multilingual, featuring 6 core languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese) with a further 10 available on request.

The company currently has offices in the UK and China.

For additional information on Blue Sphere Games or this press release, please contact: pr@bluespheregames.com.

COCA-COLA ® and COKE ® Brand mobile games are produced for The Coca-Cola Company, owner of the trademarks COCA-COLA, COKE the design of the Contour bottle and the red Disc icon by Blue Sphere Games. ® The Coca-Cola Company. All rights reserved.

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