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Blue Sphere Games announces E3 line-up

Birmingham-based mobile games developer and publisher Blue Sphere Games has unveiled the titles it will put on show at E3, with a line-up that includes several new licenses and branding deals.

Blue Sphere will exhibit games based on Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels, Scott Adams' Dilbert cartoon strip and Dennis the Menace and Gnasher from the popular Beano comic. The publisher has also signed a deal with soft drinks giant Coca-Cola to produce games based around its products.

Own-brand titles will include arcade shooter Burning Skies, Astral Pinball - the first game in Blue Sphere's new Reality Pinball series - and 3D Golden Warrior, "the first J2ME JSR 184 compliant action adventure game for a mobile phone."

Blue Sphere is also planning to release a wide range of new logos, wallpapers, animations and screensavers for mobile phones. The roll-out of the new content will begin this month and continue throughout the rest of 2005.

"The range of games and supporting content we intend to offer is designed to allow any mobile content provider to address any mobile customer," commented chairman David Bozward.

Blue Sphere was established back in 2002 and currently owns a large portfolio of Java games, with offices in both the UK and China. The company will be exhibiting its E3 line-up on the UK State of Play Pavilion.

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