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Blu-ray storage capacity increased to 33GB

Optimised discs could reach the market later this year

The layer capacity of a Blu-ray disc could grow from the current size of 25GB to 33.4GB following the creation of technologies by Sony and Panasonic.

This technology - dubbed the i-MLSE (Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimation) evaluation index - resolves previous problems with the implementation of partial response maximum likelihood (PRML) signal processing, reports Nikkei.

Its creation resolves problems with 'jitter' previously experienced by the use of PRML. Reports state that since the technology works with existing Blu-ray optics, current players and burners would only require a firmware upgrade in order to utilise it.

Sony will reportedly propose widespread adoption of i-MLSE - a move which should be successful due to its core member status of the Blu-ray Disc Association - and sources state the technology could become widespread this year.

Konami's Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots was the first PlayStation 3 game to use a full 50GB dual layer Blu-ray disc, even after extensive efforts to compress its data.

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