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Flower-growing time management on the iPhone.


INGELHEIM, Germany - May 4, 2010

Jump into a new world of casual gardening with Bloomies, a new game for the iPhone and iPod touch, available now on the App Store. Indie developer Phantoom Entertainment presents a new time management title with vibrant colors, cutesy aesthetic and simple controls, developed for a casual audience of all ages. Grow and manage the most beautiful garden with the help of the friendly bees while unlocking tons of achievements and rewards. With a leisurely pace, drop by your Bloomies garden for a few minutes a day to relax, water the flowers, make a few upgrades and feng-shui the blooming beauties, all for just $0.99.

Starting with a grassy hillside, players will plant a variety of Bloomies and water to keep them smiling. Bees bumble by and assist with the efforts, collecting nectar and adding to the player’s gold. Green-thumbed gamers will unlock a wide variety of new flowers and bees, and easily track and share their achievements with friends through the OpenFeint service as the garden flourishes. Decorations add to the fun as the flora continue to grow and call for your attention in a perpetual landscape.

Key features Include:

• Accessibility – Simple on-screen controls make for an easy yet rich gameplay experience for audiences of all ages.

• The Bloomies – Choose from up to 10 Bloomy flowers to produce different amounts of nectar. From the basic flower to the elusive White Rose or the grumpy Thistle, players will love tending to their diverse gardens.

• Bees, Hives and Decoration Upgrades – Gather the assistance of up to 10 different bees to collect nectar from the Bloomies, unlock five different hive upgrades that offer more features like the bee shop, the decoration shop and Bloomy upgrades, and 24 decorations that add beauty, style and experience points to the garden.

• Relax – Bright colorful graphics and a leisurely pace make it easy to visit the Bloomies garden for a few minutes a day.

• OpenFeint Integration – Unlock and track achievements, and share game progress with Twitter followers and Facebook friends.

“With Bloomies, we set out to create a visually stunning gardening game that anyone could enjoy," said Phantoom co-founder, Andreas Wolff. “Though it starts off unassumingly, players will soon be happily tending their garden every day, unlocking new items and arranging plant life to their liking. It’s a great way to relax and everyone from kids to the older casual player are going to love it.”

For more information about Bloomies including screenshots, concept art and the official video trailer, visit www.phantoom.com or download the digital press kit here: www.triplepointpr.com/dl/Phantoom/Bloomies_EPK.zip

Download Bloomies today on the App Store for just $0.99. Click here to be automatically directed to the product page.

About Phantoom Entertainment

Phantoom Entertainment is a game development company founded by games industry veterans Andreas Wolff and Matthias Roselieb, based in Germany. After working for companies such as Electronic Arts and Radon Labs, the duo began developing their own games on the iPhone/iPod platform. The company is dedicated to creating fun, entertaining and high-quality games. For more information, please visit Phantoom’s website at www.phantoom.com.

Quinn Wageman, Account Supervisor, TriplePoint on behalf of Phantoom

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