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Flower collecting game has bloomed for release.

Kalmar, Sweden -- April 24, 2009 -- Spell of Play Studios and nornware announce the public release of the PC game Bloom

Spell of Play Studios are proud to announce the final version of Bloom a colorful, fun, non-violent, platforming game. In Bloom your goal is to collect as many flowers as you can and reach the exit as fast as possible. All while avoiding the weird inhabitants of the strange world of Bloom. Manipulate switches to find hidden areas, explore optional paths and test your wall-jumping skills.

"It's quite refreshing to offer a game that is not about destruction and violence, but rather exploration, skill, puzzling and economy of game design." says Tobias Olsson, of Spell of Play Studios.

Bloom is available for exclusive download via Spell of Play hUb, an unobtrusive digital distribution platform. Review copies are available on request.

As a time limited bonus Spell of Play are offering a 60% discount and you only pay $5.98 for the full version of Bloom!

Game Features

Crazy wall-jumping action! Compete for best time and/or flower count! View replays of high scoring games! Explore the world of Bloom! Manipulate switches and find your own way! Original non-violent gameplay!


Bloom web page with demo download, screen shots and video:

www.spellofplay.com/games/bloom [ http://www.spellofplay.com/games/bloom ]

Spell of Play Studios web site:

www.spellofplay.com [ http://www.spellofplay.com ]

Johannes Norneby web page

www.johno.se [ http://www.johno.se ]

Contact Information:

Review copies and press materials are available on request.

Tobias Olsson

www.spellofplay.com/contact/media-services [

http://www.spellofplay.com/contact/media-services ]

[ tobias@spellofplay.com ]

[ press@spellofplay.com ]

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