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BloodRayne gets Playboy, MTV promotion

Publisher Majesco has signed up two unique new promotional avenues for the forthcoming BloodRayne 2 title, with the game's eponymous heroine set to appear topless in Playboy magazine, and as part of a music video on MTV2.

The October issue of Playboy is apparently due to feature a topless image of Rayne, while the season premiere of MTV2 show Video Mods in mid-September will feature Rayne in a music video for Evanesence track Everybody's Fool.

Majesco plans to release BloodRayne 2 on Xbox, PS2 and PC this October, so all of this promotion is quite timely; the original game came out on Xbox, PS2 and Cube in 2002, with a PC SKU following in 2003, and a movie based on the franchise is supposedly in pre-production at the moment.

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