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Trio of iPhone puzzle games downloadable in one pack.

Blokuz is a collection of three unique puzzle games, all of which are sold separately through the App Store from independent developer, Pythongem. By purchasing the trio of games as one combined download, puzzle maniacs save money and gets triple the fun!

The first of the three games is “Blokuz One”: In this game the playing screen is filled with tiles of varying color. Selecting connected tiles of the same color destroys the tiles from the screen earning you points. The higher the number of connected tiles of the same color you manage to destroy, the higher your score will become.

The second of the three games in the compilation is “Blokuz Mono”: In this game, you are presented by a screen of cleverly disguised tiles represented by question marks. Your objective is to open and collect groups of similar tiles by tapping on the question marks. Your aim is to clear the screen. Choose the largest block of tiles, and the more tiles you destroy simultaneously, the higher your reward.

And thirdly, to complete the compilation of puzzle games is “Blokuz Dual”: In this game, it is your objective to clear the screen on each side of a dual-sided board. This is similar to the previous games but adds an element of complexity and challenge as you are faced with two screens of tiles you need to juggle simultaneously.

Blokuz Game Collection is available from the App Store here:

Journalists are welcome to contact for review code. Additional information is available on the developer website:

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