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Blockdot Tees Off With "Zombie Golf Riot"


October 23, 2007 (Dallas, TX) - Dallas-based Blockdot has released another holiday-inspired office time killer: "Zombie Golf Riot," a screamingly wicked game in which players score points by whacking zombie heads across a barren landscape. The game arrives just in time to get you in the mood for Halloween!

The origins of "Zombie Golf Riot" go back to the dawn of the apocalypse, when an army of undead rose from their graves. In a matter of days, the zombies took over the cities, business stopped, armies were destroyed, and governments fell. What's an unemployed survivor roaming the wastelands to do? Hit the blood-splattered streets for "Zombie Golf Riot," of course.

Your club: A chainsaw. Your ball: A rotting head. Use your mouse to aim your chainsaw and lock in the angle of the shot. Slide your mouse to the left to start your chainsaw's backswing, then slide your mouse back to the right to swing your chainsaw forward. Watch the rotting head fly past pitchforks, broken street lamps, and barrels of toxic waste. The closer your head reaches the pin, the more points you earn.

Players can tee off with "Zombie Golf Riot" by visiting Blockdot's gaming portal,

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Blockdot, a Media General, Inc. company, is a leading producer and provider of casual games and company sponsored Advergames. Blockdot has created over 800 games for a broad range of leading brands and companies, including American Airlines, AT&T, Baskin-Robbins, Kimberly-Clark, Kraft, Motorola, M&Ms, Nokia, T.G.I. Friday's, Universal Pictures and Verizon. Millions of people play Blockdot games on its game site, which consistently ranks as one of the Top 50 gaming portals on the Internet and is used as the launching site for client Advergames.

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