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Block Master

Korean online casual action shooter gets tweaked for the overseas market.

Raviok’s casual action game ‘Block Master’ started an engine for full-out overseas market presence. Raviok, while preparing for services targeting Taiwan, announced that it will renew the map by collecting users’ opinions.

Raviok decided to improve map based on the judgment from the recent quality test that the combat of 12VS12, which are maximum number of persons that can be available by ‘Block Master,’ that a size and a passageway of the map are too small, requiring improvement. 

To do this, this company collected opinions from users through 1:1 inquiries and boards, and consequently raised the size of the map by two times larger and widened the passageway.  It was known that the close beta test with new map received favorable response from users.

Currently, ‘Block Master’ is underway to run server to provide service for North America through the game portal site ‘Game&Game’, and gains favorable reactions from overseas users. There are increasing inquiries by overseas buyers who experienced this game in North America, proving that this game gas green light in overseas market presence.

’Block Master’, which has begun open service since November 25 in Korea and earned good response, is a casual action shooting game through which each character makes a block and knocks down enemies. Especially, its unique skill-deck system and a power war through world map are entertaining.

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