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Block Cascade Fusion

Electro-music puzzler to arrive in Europe early next month.

Sunnyvale, CA - May 19, 2010 - Gamelion announces today that the upcoming title Block Cascade Fusion for PSP and PSP go on PlayStation®Network will be available in Europe on June 2nd, 2010.

To celebrate the upcoming release of the game, Gamelion made an exclusive 15+ minutes soundtrack (a remix based on the music from the game) available on their official Facebook pages at facebook.com/gamelion

Block Cascade Fusion

Block Cascade is a very addictive puzzle game which lets you enter compelling world full of different falling blocks. The goal is to create a line of at least five similarly colored blocks by rotating and arranging the falling squares properly. Once the timer stops, the fusion will start and erase linked blocks. The basic concept is simple, but there's a fair amount of depth to the game, especially if you're aiming for a high score. Points are awarded according to the size and number of blocks that are cleared from the screen during the fusion. Great visuals glow and respond to your actions! Perform combos to score high enough, and you're in for a treat!

Key features

• Addicting Gameplay – The well-known idea of arranging falling bricks is combined with the different way of removing properly matched blocks, what makes the game very compelling and absorbing.

• Trophies to Achieve – Players can achieve multiple trophies in five different categories for their exceptional performance.

• Multiple music tracks – Many different cool electronic sound tracks are included to make the gameplay more pleasant – rave, dance, trance, electro styles are present.

• Different bricks sets and backgrounds – Game switches bricks’ sets and backgrounds from time to time to avoid player’s boredom with looking at the same bricks all the time.

• Special Effects – Special graphical effects accompany every bricks removal.

Exclusive free soundtrack

Listen to the exclusive soundtrack at facebook.com/gamelion

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