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Block Busting Game Set in Camelot

For Immediate Release

Arcade Lab has released Bricks of Camelot, an arkanoid-style Windows game that transports you to a world of legend and magic. Modeled after their popular Bricks of Egypt game, Bricks of Camelot features a medieval theme, with stunning castles, forests, and dungeons to provide hours of challenging entertainment for the whole family.

Unlike Bat-n-Ball games that serve up falling bricks on a pretty picture, Bricks of Camelot paints you into a magical world of swords and sorcery, and lets you feel the history and culture of the period. Collect treasures, armor, and gold as you travel through the king's castles, dark dungeons, the Sherwood forest, and lots of other exciting places.

Bricks of Camelot features smooth controls and intuitive physics. You move your bat along the bottom of the screen, and send a ball flying into the objects that are falling to the ground. To make the game more challenging, there are multiple balls, magnetic bats, magical bottles, and extra lives. A giant axe explodes into smaller hatchets, and eagles fly across the landscape. The game includes 15 level-packs with eight levels each. Try your skill in the eagle's nest, the king's throne room, the cellar, and a dozen other exciting venues. You can set the difficulty level, and maintain high scores, for every member of the family.

Whether you're a seasoned computer game player who looks forward to the challenge of the latest arkanoid game, a history buff who wants to be immersed in the world of Camelot, or a casual home user who just wants to take an entertaining break from business or school work, Bricks of Camelot will generate fun for years to come.

Bricks of Camelot runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP, costs $19.95(US) for a single-user license, and may be purchased securely online at You can download a free trial version from the same web address. Arcade Lab, part of Swedish Game Development AB, is located at Kalende Gatan 18, 211 35 Malmoe, Sweden. Internet: Email:

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