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Blobbit Push released, world's first commercial XNA game


Friday 12th January, 2007. Corfu, Greece and sunny Romford, England.

Cheeky, the company featuring veteran developers Mark Ripley and Stoo Cambridge today announced the release of their latest game in the Blobbit series - "Blobbit Push".

The game also marks the developer's shift of focus away from the struggling mobile market, with the announcement that this is their first game to be released on Microsoft's XNA platform. Indeed, it has just been confirmed, this is the first commercial XNA game release ever. However, mobile phone versions of the game will follow shortly.

Blobbit Push is an arcade puzzle game, combining the strategies of Sokoban with clever roaming enemies, all wrapped up in Cheeky's trademark Blobbit cuteness. Blobbit finds himself crash-landed on a moon, scattering Blobbit Babies everywhere. The marauding Vernimb have captured them and imprisoned them in crates! Some are even guarded by Vernimb, ferocious Homing Vernimb and a multitude of robot guards! Blobbit must travel through 50 levels, releasing the Blobbit Babies before finally returning to his battered spaceship and returning home before somebody notices....

The game is available for download and online play at Demos are available in XNA, Java and Mac Widget formats.

The Blobbit Push logo can be found at:

A screen shot can be found at:

Further information about Cheeky can be found at

CONTACT: Mark Ripley,,

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