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Blizzard launches machinima contest with Xfire

Developer Blizzard has joined forces with gaming matchmaking software Xfire to launch a "Summer Movie Contest" focused around Blizzard's jaw-droppingly popular massively multiplayer title, World of Warcraft.

The objective of the contest is to select the best fan-made movies using World of Warcraft characters and locations - an increasingly popular area of amateur film-making known as machinima.

Contestants are invited to submit entries in four categories - short film, comedy, drama/action and dance/music video - with the criterion being that they must all be cut together from footage recorded in World of Warcraft.

Entries must be submitted by September 15th, and the winners will be decided by Blizzard, Xfire and a community vote - with 20 prizes being awarded, five in each major category.

For more details, visit the competition homepage.

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