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Blitzkrieg II: Lightning Attacks Of World War II

BASINGSTOKE, ENGLAND (20th JUNE, 2005) - The war never ends; return to the battlefields of the 'great war' in the much anticipated sequel to the award-winning strategy hit - BLITZKRIEG. Developed by NIVAL INTERACTIVE and published by master strategy publisher CDV SOFTWARE ENTERTAINMENT, the Blitzkrieg range of games has sold some 50,000 units in the UK*, defining itself as the premier World War II real time strategy title. Renowned for the authentic attention to detail and the abundance of realistic units, Blitzkrieg has a firm following of hard core strategy gamers, who seek a more challenging World War II experience. Set for release October 14th 2005, BLITZKRIEG II will retail for £34.99.

BLITZKRIEG II is the epic World War II Real Time Strategy game, where PC generals can strategically plan and command battles across multiple WWII theatres. Choose reinforcements and use a wide range of new combat units through four global campaigns on the side of Great Britain, USA, USSR and Germany. Blitzkrieg II builds upon success of the best selling Blitzkrieg range, focusing upon dynamic game play, new strategic opportunities and gritty realism of WWII battles. The new 3D graphics engine takes a significant leap over the original game, allowing for all strategic angles to be covered.

Blitzkrieg II provides more strategic choices and variations, putting players in control over the difficulty and style of the game. Decide what missions to fight; accumulate and call in any type of reinforcements, capture major objectives like train stations or airfields to receive more troops by railroad or get air supremacy during the entire operation. Each battle represents unique tactical experience as types of objectives vary from counter attack and air warfare to covert operations, seashore battles and landing missions. Accomplishment of tactical objectives supports the war efforts at a strategic level and has profound effect on combat efficiency in the final battles.


  • Authentic battles of World War II
  • Non-linear mission completion - missions take place across a variety of WWII theaters, both in day and night
  • Ability to equip army to personal requirements
  • Over 200 3D vehicles, for land, sea and air attack, in addition to over 60 types of infantry with realistic weapons
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Commanders will enable new unit abilities for special unit-types like ambush mode

Real Strategy! Unlike its predecessor, Blitzkrieg II allows the player to not only command the troops while accomplishing tactical missions but also to choose what reinforcements should arrive and when.

  • Everything is destructible, the ruins and craters provide cover to troops and equipment
  • Unit-Types progress, gain experience and upgrades the more they are used
  • Earn promotions and medals for success on the battlefield
  • Use 3D terrain & weather to advantage as they affect troops in the field
  • Order engineers to build defense lines or to destroy buildings and bridges
  • Fight with 'brothers-in-arms' against enemy clans using the match-making and auto-rating server in Blitzkrieg multiplayer
  • Create a whole new war with an easy to use Map & Resource Editor

*Figures taken from Chart Track, includes original title and official expansion packs, across all price points.




PRICE: £34.99






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About CDV:

Founded in 1990, CDV Software Entertainment AG is one of the leading publishers and distributors of PC software in Europe. In 2000, the company successfully completed its initial public offering and is listed on the German Prime Standard (equivalent to the USA's NASDAQ Index). CDV is best known for titles like Sudden Strike and the Cossacks series - both of which sold over 1 million copies worldwide.


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