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Blitz unveils 3D technology

In-house solution will recreate full HD 3D experience, says the studio

Blitz Games Studios has unveiled its proprietary technology for providing stereoscopic 3D games on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at the 3D Entertainment Summit in Los Angeles, taking place over December 1-2.

The studio claims its in-house technology can replicate the full HD 3D experience seen in 3D movie theatres.

"This is an incredibly exciting and huge step forward for videogames. Our BlitzTech technology will prove beyond all doubt that we are already doing what some industry experts have said is impossible on today's game consoles," said Andrew Oliver, co-founder and CTO.

"Our highly tuned engine is capable of producing real-time interactive graphics that are close to offline rendered CG movie quality."

"Many TV manufacturers are already selling sets capable of displaying 3D imagery and we envisage that these sets will rapidly gain popularity as content in the form of movies and games becomes available," he added.

This follows yesterday's news that Darkworks has entered a deal with Trioviz to develop 3D functionality on standard TV sets, and comes after it was revealed in May that Ubisoft was at work on 3D titles.

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