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Blitz to showcase new Flame technology at EGN

Warwickshire-based independent developer Blitz Games is set to showcase the latest addition to its in-house technology suite, Blitzware, at the European Games Network trade event in London next week.

Titled Flame, the new module is designed to control materials, lighting and shaders, and has been implemented in the company's new original IP title, Possession, to give the graphics in the action horror game a new level of realism.

According to the firm, implementing Flame in the game has allowed them to create real-time skin degradation effects on the zombie enemies that the player faces, while a new physics-driven damage system allows characters to be mutilated by attacks.

"Blitz's technology has long been respected in the industry," according to the developer's chief technical officer, Andrew Oliver, "and Possession has given us the opportunity to expand its capabilities in a way that showcases our creativity as well as our next generation toolset."

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