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Blitz Games Studios' E3 line-up

UK developer showing off Dead to Rights: Retribution and Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao, Karaoke Revolution, iCarly and The Biggest Loser.

Dead to Rights: Retribution

Volatile Games (a division of Blitz Games Studios) recently announced its development of Dead to Rights®: Retribution, a reimagining of the gritty crime drama franchise for the Xbox 360® and PlayStation® 3, published by Namco Bandai Games America Inc. using BlitzTech. Introducing an innovative new hybrid combat system, Volatile Games has unified third person shooting, hand-to-hand fighting and AI dog into a visceral, intense and seamless gameplay experience combined with cutting edge graphics – all made possible using BlitzTech Tools and Engine which allow the development team to concentrate on this fresh look at the franchise.

"As one of our key franchises we're confident that Volatiles Games' combination of innovative design and powerful technology will make a great game for fans and newcomers alike," says Todd Thorson, Director of Marketing and PR for Namco Bandai Games America.

Visitors to the E3 Expo 2009 can see the game for themselves on the Namco Bandai booth in the South Hall - #801. To find out more about the game visit or

Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao in 3D

In the wake of a successful GDC including a lecture and stereoscopic 3D demonstration by Blitz Games Studios’ CTO Andrew Oliver, the company has been receiving a lot of press interest in BlitzTech 3D display technology. This is something that really has to be seen to be believed.

Attendees at E3 will get the chance to see it for themselves in recently announced Blitz Arcade title Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao for Xbox 360® and PlayStation® 3, published by Namco Bandai Games America, Inc.

To see the 2D and 3D versions of Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao, go to the Namco Bandai booth in the South Hall - #801.

Karaoke Revolution

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. recently announced Karaoke Revolution® for Wii™, Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3, developed by Blitz Games (a division of Blitz Games Studios). The game will allow karaoke fans to sing and compete against friends with expanded multiplayer modes, 50 all-new hit songs from master recordings, as well as 16 original customizable venues and newly enhanced customizable characters including facial and body morphing, all developed using BlitzTech Tools and cross-platform Engine.

Check it out at the Konami booth in the South Hall - #2401


Activision Publishing, Inc. recently announced the videogame of the groundbreaking kids’ TV show iCarly for Nintendo Wii and DS, which is being developed by Blitz Games (a division of Blitz Games Studios).This will be in show behind closed doors to retailers only at E3 at the Activision booth in the West Hall - #5322.

The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser videogame is being developed by Blitz Games (a division of Blitz Games Studios in Leamington Spa) for THQ, Inc. Based on the hit NBC TV show, the game will be released on Nintendo Wii and DS in Q4, 2009.

“We’re really excited about developing the The Biggest Loser videogame, because it’s in the unique position of being able to cash in on years of experience and the established results of the television series,” says Project Director Aaron Miller “It provides a comprehensive health and fitness plan which, with the help of some familiar faces, provides all the tools needed to stay motivated and focused on the goal of losing weight or maintaining fitness levels.”

The game is being shown behind closed doors to retailers only at E3 – see the THQ booth in the West Hall - #5300.


2 X360 pods on Atlus booth, but they’ll promote all platforms 4913 West Hall

See BlitzTech on the road at E3:

To see more of BlitzTech at the following upcoming events, get in touch with to book a meeting:

E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009

2-4 June 2009

Booth #4773 West Hall, Los Angeles Convention Center, CA, USA

About BlitzTech

BlitzTech is a premium-quality game development solution, which allows developers to concentrate on game content. Blitz also provides high quality support to licensees via its private developer support web portal.

BlitzTech is a division of Blitz Games Studios, one of the world's largest independent video game producers. Blitz has invested heavily in its industry-leading tools and technology over the past ten years with over 70 releases to date across eight platforms including PlayStation 3®, Xbox 360®, Wii™, PSP® and PC.

Headstrong Games recently shipped House of the Dead: Overkill published by SEGA using BlitzTech. Many other titles are under development including Dead to Rights Retribution from Namco Bandai Games developed by Volatile Games, watch out for more announcements of BlitzTech games coming soon.

For further information please visit

Get in touch with to find out more.

About Blitz Games Studios:

Blitz Games Studios is based in Leamington Spa and was founded in 1990 by industry veterans Andrew and Philip Oliver and now has more than 200 staff. Its six divisions encompass mature titles (Volatile Games), Serious Games (TruSim), family titles (Blitz Games), in-house technology (BlitzTech), downloadable games (Blitz Arcade) and its education division (Blitz Academy).

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