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Blitz details open days

Lecturers and students invited to visit the Leamington Spa studios

Blitz Games Studios has announces dates for next year's open days for students and lecturers at its office in Leamington Spa.

Exclusively for students and staff on UK videogames related courses, the open days will give students the chance to experience the games industry from inside a professional studio.

"We're constantly evolving the content and structure of our open day offering in line with the demands and interest of the industry," Kim Blake, education liaison manager at Blitz. "This year particularly we've upped our content for students with the addition of a programmer-specific day and we're keen to receive applications from as many people as possible."

Of the open days, Friday 27 March has been set aside specifically for lecturers, offering an opportunity to see the skills and attitudes needed in the games industry. Two days are open to anyone studying a games-related course, taking place on March 6 and 13, while March 20 will see the first day aimed specifically at prospective programmers.

Students and lecturers interested in registering for the open days can do so on the developer's website before January 19.