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Blimp - The Flying Adventures

Airship action against hand-painted backgrounds.

Czech republic - 29th May 2009 - Craneballs studios, an independent mobile developers, announces their frst game for iPhone and iPod touch: Blimp - The Flying Adventures.

About the Game

Blimp - The Flying Adventures is 2D game, where you, as a blimp pilot, fly with your Blimp. Main features include piloting the blimp in a simulated gravity, maneuvering in a exciting world of platforms, walls, dangerous fames, radioactive fields or hot vents, performing various task and destroying enemy pillboxes, bunkers, tanks and blimps. The outstanding feature of this game is a stunning hand-painted graphics. The whole audio-visual experience is taken to the new level. Extremely responsive controls allows you to precisely maneuver your blimp by tilting the device and touching the screen for different altitude.

"We've combined our many years of experience in graphic design with digital painting to create an unique and novel iPhone graphical environment. We wanted co come up with a perfect audio-visual experience for all players. We are not content with just ordinary applications and games, we want to make polished products everyone can enjoy," says Jan Cefelin, a graphic artist.

"The original visual experience is accompanied by an epic movie-grade soundtrack, with each theme completing the mood of each level and drawing the players deeper into the game," adds Jakub Smid, a graphic artist and music composer.

"We've tried to make the most of iPhone to implement all the gorgeous graphic," says Martin Chamrad, lead programmer.

Game story

The whole fantasy story takes place on merchant planet Solbot of the Wondda galaxy. The narrator is our hero, war veteran captain Zed Pelina, who leaves the Alliance after the battle of Solbot and finds a job at a merchant company. But the enemy conquerors form the planet Terra launch a new invasion and Zed returns to help save his friends, honor and the whole planet.


- stunning graphics & artworks

- high quality particle effects (fires, steams, explosions, radiations etc.)

- 20 action packed levels

- interesting story throughout the campaign

- 5 completely different locations (dark forest, mines, snow mountains, red rocks...)

- deceitful enemies incl. tanks, gun nests, blimps, bunkers

- comic style briefs before each mission

- extremely responsive controls

- original soundtrack with 11 songs

- globalscore on facebook

Blimp - The Flying Adventures will be available on Appstore first week in June at 2.99$. For more information about the game please visit htp:// Follow us on twitter to receive regular news: htp://

About Craneballs studios

Craneballs studios is a team of young developers from the Czech Republic. The members are graphic designers, animators, programmers and digital painters with a broad experience from graphic design, packaging design and internet and commercial advertising. They've transformed their graphic studio into a development company for iPhone and iTouch between 2008 and 2009. The studio will focus on games and applications involving novel and inventive graphical and animation features.

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