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<b>Letter:</b> Trade bodies must "support, not dictate"

In the wake of last week's face off between the rival trade show events in London, the industry should question the role that its trade associations played in the "madness," according to Kezos CEO Martine Parry.

Now that GDCE and EDF 04 are behind us, I feel compelled to write; having been involved intimately both with the Programming of GDCE 04 and with TIGA a few years ago.

It seems to me that the Game Industry trade associations have lost their way over the last few years. They have lost sight of their original reason for existing. This is a tragedy both for them and the core game industry. Trade associations succeed by having a common purpose to SUPPORT, not to DICTATE to their members.

Trade Associations have an obligation to remain focused on the primary purpose for their existence. They are not trade unions, neither are they government agencies, nor do they form the nucleus and core business of the industry that they purportedly represent. Whether they are in need of revenue or are just greedy, they must not lose sight of this fact. As they go about seeking new revenue streams they should not dictate to an industry without which they would not exist.

And equally, we in the wider game industry - and that includes the press - have an obligation to the trade associations to ensure that they work for their members in that we must not give them the impression that they run this industry. We are as guilty of the recent madness as the associations are. Trade associations are the servants not the masters as they are in any other industry segment.

Let's hope that we all take the learning points of the last 10 months onboard and build a more sane and more cohesive community once again for next year.

Martine Parry
CEO, Kezos Ltd

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