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Japanese 2D fighter getting a European release early next year courtesy of PQube.

London: 14th August 2009. PQube is pleased to announce that they will be releasing BlazBlue across Europe on PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system.

BlazBlue is a new experience in 2D weapons based fighting games making exceptional use of the power behind the Next Gen consoles and online gameplay networks. The game is created by Arc Works Systems, the Japanese developers behind the critically acclaimed long running Guilty Gears fighting franchise which began in 1998.

BlazBlue has been hailed as the “game that every self-respecting console fighting fan should play”. It has already enjoyed huge success in Japan and critical acclaim in North America scoring above 90% in several specialist gamer Reviews. And a special Limited Edition has immediately sold through in USA, where it has recently been released.

This launch represents the first in the new partnership between Zen United and PQube. Dave Pain, from PQube, said “The long running 2D fighting genre has seen a welcome boost in 2009 with updated versions of several franchises brought to Next Gen PS3 and 360 consoles” and Tomo Ohno, Head of Zen United, reported “BlazBlue reached number 1 in the Japanese arcades and already sales of the Japanese and US console versions have beaten forecasts”.

The European version of the title will be fully localised into English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. It will include additional content – e.g. character strategy guide, music soundtrack from sold-out US Limited Edition. Plus new gameplay content not available anywhere, like new characters and moves.


o For those new to fighting action the game has been specifically designed so it’s easy to pick up at the beginning, and an ever increasing depth introduces new and more demanding skills.

o The game features an all-original goth-anime cast with intricately detailed hand drawn high-Definition character sprites. And they are a unique bunch indeed.

o A Plethora of Defensive and Offensive Options at Your Disposal - Take advantage of Barriers, Counter Assaults, Rapid Cancels, Barrier Bursts, Ukemi Tactics and Distortion Drives to turn the tide of battle.

o Drive your way to victory! Use the unique “Drive Attacks” specific to each character to decimate your opponent.

o Console-Exclusive Content - Brand new music, animations, backgrounds, and a fully fleshed-out story mode have been made exclusively for the console release.

o Online Battle - Train your skills online through ranked and player battles.

The planned release date is Q1 2010.

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About PQube

PQube provides a complete range of services for media production and publishing worldwide. With an established team of industry professionals based in the UK, Germany and Italy, PQube publishes and distributes a range of its own and third party products across all games platforms and price points. PQube’s media services include design, artwork, web services, production and distribution.

About Zen United

Zen United is a consortium of Japanese and Asian game developers targeting European Markets. Zen United provide international business development and 'culturisation' (localisation + naturalisation) services to independent, high quality, long standing studios to establish foundations for European business and a pipeline to collect feedback from European markets.

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