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Black Mirror 2

Shattering news of a GC trailer.

Hamburg, August 29th, 2008 – Back to the Scary Castle of Black Mirror we go. dtp entertainment and Cranberry Production are proud to release the GC 2008 trailer movie of Black Mirror 2. The English castle is once more setting of a thrilling Point & Click Adventure. The trailer is available from the dtp press server in Apple Quicktime (MOV) format.

Twelve years after the events of Black Mirror: The coast village of Biddeford/Maine is gleaming in the colours of Indian Summer. Here works the main character of Black Mirror 2, Darren, as a temp in a photo studio. He, a withdrawn young lad in his 20ies, is studying physics. If photography hadn’t been his only passion, he would have left his poorly paid job and his sleazy boss Fuller ages ago.

One day, a stunning English girl named Angelina steps into the shop to have her picture taken. Darren is instantly captivated by her beauty – he has never felt like this. But suddenly, Fuller is bursting in. He insists on serving the pretty customer himself while Darren is sent out to town. When he comes back, it’s only by chance that he can fix an appointment with Angelina for a photo shooting.

Shortly after Angelina has left the shop, Darren notices a man following her secretly. Soon, something horrible is happening. In Darren’s opinion, Fuller has to do with it and he wants him to pay for it.

During the next weeks, the student is plagued by nightmares. He starts a journey leading him to Willow Creek in England. This is the village of Black Mirror Castle where the tragedy of part one took place.

Achim Heidelauf, Senior Producer at dtp entertainment promises: “The story is much more connected with the first game than one would expect.” Black Mirror 2 picks up the scary atmosphere of its award-winning predecessor.

Black Mirror 2 will be published in 2009.

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