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Black Bean - planting a new seed in the entertainment market

A new Italian publishing reality aimed to European market just born

Varese, 6th December, 2004. Lago Srl the publishing subsidiary of Leader Spa - the leading independent videogames distributor in Italy - is ramping up to launch its own range of games titles during the first half of 2005 under the "Black Bean" brand name.

"Our mission is clear: offering a wide range of games with first class game play and affordable prices to all consumers worldwide" stated Marco Minoli, head of marketing at Black Bean.

The team behind Black Bean is dynamic, young and ready to face new challenges. The name itself is deliberately off-beat and is intended to convey the core values of fun and good value.

Virgilio Bixio, CEO of Leader Group added: "Leader Group has over 20 years of experience in the videogame industry. We believe that we can bring this experience to bear in offering our distribution partners something fresh both in terms of product and in terms of our commercial partnership"

The strategy behind the company is to enter the market with selected titles and with an aggressive price positioning. Great attention will be given to packaging, documentation and extra content in order to maximize the value for money proposition.

Black Bean will use its development team Milestone- renowned worldwide for products like Racing Evoluzione and the Superbike series - together with different external developers.

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