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Mobile monetisation solution launched, promises boosts to revenue streams.

Toronto, ON - March 18, 2011 -Bizmey Inc., a monetization solution company; which silently launched a few months ago, announces today that they will be focusing heavily upon mobile monetization, allowing mobile publishers a new boost to their revenue streams. The new mobile solutions are developed to help publishers monetize their virtual currency. Bizmey works with publishers to provide additional revenue strategies, making it easy for consumers to pay for virtual currency by completing mobile app installs, offers, and/or directs payment options.

The secure payment transactions are provided through Bizmey's partnerships with Paypal, Social Gold, among others. These partnerships allow users the ability to purchase virtual currency or virtual goods within mobile games and applications securely.

Bizmey has rolled out the mobile solution for Android and iOS applications, which are the first of its several new innovative releases. They are looking to work very closely with publishers to help find new streams of revenue and advertisers to find new methods of distribution for their mobile applications.

"Historically developers focused on building applications for the web. Now developers are focusing on building applications for mobile devices. There are many great mobile applications out there, but they're just not getting the attentions they should be." Salman Habib, VP of Business Development at Bizmey Inc. Salman believes that mobile applications are the next big thing in the industry, which is why Bizmey plans to focus heavily on the distribution of Mobile Applications. Bizmey's current mobile application advertising operates on cost per install. Advertisers only pay when an install of their application takes place and the user tries it out.

Its monetization solutions are currently offered on all continents. Bizmey seeks to further help application developers with some exciting innovative monetization strategies that they will be announcing over the next few weeks.

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About Bizmey  

Bizmey helps games and applications on the web and mobile by monetizing their Virtual currency. Helping publishers boost their revenue and advertisers reach millions of engaged users on the web and mobile. Founded in 2010 by Arfan Chaudhry on the notion of "Do what you love and love what you do". In the pursuit of excellence, Bizmey hopes to bring new innovations in Technology, Gaming, and Marketing. Bizmey is based out of Toronto, Canada (Headquarter) and Jakarta, Indonesia.

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