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Bits set to bring Constantine to PS2 and Xbox

UK development studio Bits Corp has been handed the contract to develop a game based on Warner Bros' upcoming DC Comics adaptation Constantine - giving them the weighty responsibility of translating iconic comic book character John Constantine to videogame form.

Constantine, who is a key character in long-running publication Hellblazer, is the latest in a long line of comic book characters to be brought to the silver screen, and Bits is currently developing a PS2 and Xbox title to tie in with the movie.

As with most conversions of beloved properties to new formats, we'd expect that they're taking good care of the Constantine / Hellblazer IP in the process. However, a quick chat with comics fans today suggested that any travesties possible against the character of John Constantine have already been carried out by Warner Bros - the character, originally from Liverpool, is set to be played by, er, Keanu Reeves.

Who doesn't exactly scream "born on the banks of the Mersey" to us, but there you go.

Regardless of reservations about the film, Bits should hopefully do a good job on the videogame conversion - after all, Van Helsing is currently proving that the tie-in videogame can indeed be significantly better than its source material....

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