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Demo trips onto WiiWare.

Developed by Gaijin Games, BIT.TRIP BEAT marks the beginning of CommanderVideo’s adventures through the BIT.TRIP macrocosm, and now players can experience this unique universe of rhythm for themselves for the low price of 0 Wii Points™! Using the Wii Remote™ controller, players will have their fast-twitch skills pushed to the limit as they strive to guide the Commander through a world of deceptively retro 8-bit sights and sounds while being challenged by the decidedly contemporary gameplay design.


Everything comes from something. We were before we became. From life comes rhythm, and from rhythm comes life. We are beings of information. Everything is a conduit for learning. We communicate in bits and bytes. And we will return to something once we become nothing—after our BIT.TRIP is complete.

A unique and imaginative combination of 80s visual and audio aesthetics and modern game design, BIT.TRIP BEAT is an addictive and challenging experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Key Features

Brings back the challenge and sense of accomplishment of the games of yesteryear

BIT.TRIP BEAT’s gameplay and aesthetics hearken back to a time when lightning-quick reflexes, intense concentration, and the desire to be at the top of leaderboard-defined gaming!

    A new take on retro styling

BIT.TRIP BEAT’s art and music styles take the best aspects of old-school game art and audio design and imbues it with a contemporary approach that makes everything old new again.

  Venture forth with friends

With BIT.TRIP BEAT’s co-op mode, players can have up to three friends join them in their quest to tame the hardest of levels. But don’t expect things to get any easier...

About Aksys Games

Located in Torrance, California and founded in 2006, Aksys Games has published many well-received fighting games, RPGS, and innovative downloadable titles. Some of their more popular titles include the BlazBlue, Record of Agarest War, and Hooked: Real Motion Fishing series.

About Gaijin Games

Gaijin Games is an independent video game development studio known for creating unique rhythm-music game experiences across multiple platforms.  Founded in 2007 and located in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA, Gaijin Games strives to bring unique gaming experiences to gamers worldwide.

BIT.TRIP BEAT has been rated ‘E’ for Everyone by the ESRB. More information about Aksys Games can be found at More information about Gaijin Games and BIT.TRIP BEAT can be found at and

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James Xie

Public Relations Coordinator

Mary Sue To

Marketing Coordinator  

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