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Bird Assassin

We were wondering when someone would make a game about truck-driving giant chickens.

January 24, 2011 

Social Loner Studios is proud to announce their newest game, Bird Assassin.  The title will soon be available on the XBox 360 Indie Games channel for 80 Microsoft points.

"When chickens steal your truck and try to run the player over, my first thought was 'What the hell are we doing?  Are we actually doing this?'."  said Brian Anderson, lead game designer at Social Loner Studios. 

"I'm tired of drawing dead birds!"  said Kenneth Anderson, lead artist/designer.  "This game is stupid!!!" said Joshua Leung, lead sound engineer.

Game features:

·         Single-player

·         Upgrade your weapons to kill more birds, some sample guns, AK-47, Auto Shotgun, Mini-gun, plus many more

·         Multiple enemies, Chickens, Ducks, turkeys, Ostriches, bomb dropping owls, suicide chickens.

·         Lots of exciting levels

·         3 Difficulty levels, hard is really hard.

·         Customize the soundtrack - listen to your own music stored on your Xbox 360

About Social Loner Studios

Social Loner Studios is an independent game studio founded in 2008.  We are intent on creating games that we ourselves would like to play. Our first release was the critically acclaimed "What The?! Party Trivia Game" and placed in the top 20 of 2009 Dream Build Play.

This is our fourth release for the XBox 360.  Social Loner Studios is the formation of 3 core members.  Brian Anderson - Lead programmer/designer, Kenneth Anderson - Artist/designer, and Joshua Leung - Sound Engineer/designer.

Press contact

Name:  Brian Anderson

Phone:  +1-916-248-4188



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