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Biplane Baron

PC remake of Atari ST WWI dogfight game launching next month.

For the 15th of December 2010 Xing Interactive are announcing the release of the PC Windows version of Atari ST classic World War One Aerial Combat game "Biplane Baron". Subsequently the game will also be released for MacOS, Linux and selected Mobile Phones (J2ME).

Biplane Baron is a reincarnation of the gameplay seen in Avalon Hill's classic Flying Ace with all the fun intact and modern style graphics and sound effects added in for good measure. Fly in 8 extensive missions as either the Germans or the British in the planes of the World war One era. Drop bombs, engage in dogfights with all original manoeuvres possible in these classic fighter-bombers and defend your aerodrome against sortees by the enemy. Great fun and although the theme is set in a warzone there is no bloodshed involved.

Biplane Baron will feature the original Atari ST version as a free bonus with the purchase of the PC Windows version and the game can be obtained from Xing Interactive's digital and retail distribution partners. More information can be found on closer to the release date. The mobile version will be distributed by Xing Mobile's partner network worldwide. For an overview of partners please view 

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