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BioWare alters proposed PC copy protection

BioWare has responded to an outcry over proposed PC copy protection methods requiring online validation

BioWare has responded to the apparent outcry that resulted when it announced that the PC versions of Mass Effect and Spore would require online authentication every ten days.

In a post on BioWare's official forums, community manager Jay Watamaniuk wrote that Mass Effect will not require periodic re-authentication.

"BioWare has always listened very closely to its fans and we made this decision to ensure we are delivering the best possible experience to them," Watamaniuk wrote.

"To all the fans including our many friends in the armed services and internationally who expressed concerns that they would not be able re-authenticate as often as required, EA and BioWare want you to know that your feedback is important to us."

BioWare and EA have decided to implement a new copy protection solution that is no longer disc-based but instead requires online authentication.

"This system has an added benefit of allowing players to seamlessly play the game without needing the DVD in the drive," Watamaniuk wrote.

Rather than requiring re-authentication every ten days - as originally announced - the system will now require a one-time authentication when a player installs and launches the game. However, the game will need to be re-authenticated each time that a player downloads new content.

Gamers will be able to authenticate the game on three different computers with the purchase of one disc, but can contact customer service for additional authorisations on a case-by-case basis.