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Biology Battle

XBLA Community game to be shown off at this month's Thailand Game Show 2009.

January 9-11th, 2009 – Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. Bangkok, Thailand. Novaleaf Game Studio is invited to show case its first Xbox Live Community Games title – “Biology Battle” in the Game D Exhibition zone in Thailand Game Show 2009.

Biology Battle and its participation in Game D Exhibition

Biology Battle has been selected by the Thai Ministry of Culture participate in the Game D Exhibition zone, a showcase of high quality Thai games.

The game was developed using XNA at Novaleaf’s headquarters in Bangkok, a non-traditional arena for game developers. Biology Battle features original artwork and special effects from the collaboration of its Thai team of designers and developers.

The game takes the best aspects of the “shmup” genre, including 360 degree movement and firing, and revolutionizes the action with a truly HD experience, so players can fight off an onslaught of enemies with precision and clarity. Biology Battle’s full version includes single player modes and 10 brand new multiplayers versus games, including Turrets, Survival, Lasso, WireCycle, and Frog Hop. For competitive players, an online leaderboard allows world-wide competition for the highest score.

About Novaleaf Software

Novaleaf Game Studios

Novaleaf Game Studios was founded in September 2007 with the purpose of bringing Xbox360 development to Thailand. Our team focuses on medium complexity (approximately 10,000 dev hour) titles, and competing in the global video games market.

Games for export

Novaleaf specializes in writing games for the Xbox360 and PC, with a strong emphasis on the North-American and European markets. The Xbox360 consumers we target demand games of the highest quality, and Novaleaf has proven our ability to create games that exceed consumer expectation.

Critical Acclaim for our first game

Our first game (Biology Battle) was released for sale world-wide on November 19th 2008 via the Xbox360's digital distribution system "Xbox Live". Biology Battle has won critical acclaim through the industry and is Thailand's first game for the Xbox360. Biology Battle is also the first Thai game to be officially rated on MetaCritic. Biology Battle's official MetaCritic ranking of 74 is higher than many games written by large AAA studios, and shows that we can write games of high quality, low cost, and do so in Thailand.

Made in Thailand, by Thai developers

Biology Battle was written by a team of Thai game developers and artists. No third-party middleware or engines were used, and 100% of the technology was written in-house. Novaleaf is continuing this dedication to R&D and employee training through our future titles, and focuses our recruitment efforts inside Thailand whenever possible.

About Game D Exhibition Zone

Promoted by the Thai Ministry of Culture, the Game D Exhibition zone is first held this year in Thailand Game Show 2009 with the aim to educate the gamers to understand the true values of gaming and to establish positive attitudes in playing games and keeping healthy gamer communities.

The events of this zone consist of 4 parts:

1) Game D Exhibition – display games that parents should know and can recommend to their children

2) Game School Eureka – the first game tutor school in Thailand

3) Thai Game Show – showcase for games developed in Thailand!

4) Gamer Meeting Place – a meeting place for gamers from game forums to meet and participate events together

About Thailand Game Show 2009 (TGS2009)

The gamer fair takes the theme “Open Up! For Games” and is packed with activities to encourage “brain gain” while having a fun time. An annual event since 2007; Thailand Game Show serves as the largest event for the Thai game industry.

The goal of this year’s event is to approach Thai society. To open their hearts for gaming and create a better understand of games with hands-on experiences with games and gaming technology. It also invites parents to participate with their children in games and learn how to manage the enjoyment from playing games.

TGS is held on the same day as Thailand Children’s Day on every 10th of January, and attracts an audience of both core and casual gamers.

For more information, visit http://games.novaleaf.com

Attached Images

Img 1 Event Poster

Img 2 Event Floor Plan

Img 3 Biology Battle in action on HDTV

Img 4 Local Multiplayer Mode - Worms

Img 5 Global Challenge Mode - using special item: Blast Wave

Img 6 Global Challenge Mode - using special item: Lightning

Img 7 Global Challenge Mode - Fight the worms in death mode

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