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BigWorld launches mobile MMO developer tools

Technology Suite now includes mobile game toolsets

BigWorld Technology selected the recent GDC conference to announce the launch of BigWorld Mobile, the latest enhancement to its Technology Suite that enables developers to quickly and easily create persistent casual games and mobile MMO software.

BigWorld Mobile is available as an integrated module within the company's proprietary Technology Suite - an integrated set of software, systems and tools for the creation of persistent casual games and MMO titles - or as a standalone mobile MMO or persistent casual game development platform.

"Developers are looking to offer a more connected experience to gamers," commented BigWorld CEO John De Margheriti.

"BigWorld Mobile offers the flexibility of direct communication between players, including direct interaction in established online MMOs, and even the development of a mobile only MMO or multiplayer casual game. I look forward to seeing how developers apply this technology to new and innovative game spaces," he added.

Assisting developers and operators in reducing development time, costs and operational expenses for running MMO titles, the BigWorld Server architecture allows several games to be run on the same server cluster. Additionally, the time-to-build is said to be drastically reduced thanks to the comprehensive Content Creation Pipeline.

"Persistent worlds have been well received," said Robert Spencer, BigWorld's strategic business manager. "We are now taking this to the next level with pervasive availability of online games. Gamers are now able to participate in their favourite IP, anywhere they have a wireless or mobile connection".

More information on the BigWorld Technology Suite, BigWorld Mobile and the availability of the company's products and services for game creation can be found by visiting the BigWorld website.

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