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BigWorld Announces MMO VOIP Solution


March 24th, 2006

(San José, CALIFORNIA) - BigWorld, the leading provider of Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) technology today announced the integration of DiamondWare's 3D VOIP client into the BigWorld Technology Suite.

The BigWorld Technology Suite is an integrated set of tools, software and systems that provides all of the underlying technology and content development tools required to produce an MMOG. "The next generation of MMO and persistently casual games invite new methods of communication between players and the worlds they inhabit. We have enabled 3D positional voice communication in our platform to further extend the options for our Developers," commented Gavin Longhurst, Director of Business Development for BigWorld, "Developers and gamers alike are looking for more immersive and transparent gaming experiences - this is what DiamondWare's technology offers when integrated into a game".

"DiamondWare is excited to bring its real world, military proven technology to the BigWorld MMOG space. The importance of 3D voice is that it provides a tactical awareness and control, enabling greater cohesion and coordination in complex team play," said Keith Weiner, CEO of DiamondWare. "For the first time, voice can be used to create new social relationships between people meeting in an online game," he added.

BigWorld Technology Suite provides operators and studios with a lower total time-to-release and cost of ownership through several innovations. The BigWorld Server architecture allows operators to run several games on a single server cluster, dramatically reducing the cost of running the game, while the enhanced content creation pipeline reduces the time and cost of building and filling out the complex worlds required in next-generation games.

About the BigWorld Technology Suite

Comprised of the BigWorld Server Software, Content Creation Pipeline, 3D Client Engine Package, Live Management Tools & Instrumentation, BigWorld Technology Suite is the only complete MMOG solution, providing all of the difficult to produce technology required to produce an engaging next-generation MMOG.

About BigWorld Pty Ltd

BigWorld Pty Ltd was formed in 2002 to commercialize years of intense R&D, which started in 1999 and continues to this day. BigWorld Pty Ltd is a privately held company based in Australia that licenses its BigWorld Technology Suite middleware platform to game studios and publishers around the world that are looking to produce successful next generation Massively Multiplayer Online and Persistent/Casual Games.

BigWorld Website

About DiamondWare

DiamondWare's robust platform enables the delivery of 3D stereo conferencing in high-definition audio, providing unsurpassed intelligibility, lack of fatigue, and speaker identification. The company layers on integration with other applications, including chat, presence management and collaborative conferencing to empower multiple verticals with complete communications solutions. A profitable company with no debt or outside investors, DiamondWare sells its audio software platform and applications to the US military as well as the commercial markets.

DiamondWare Website

Press Contact for BigWorld Pty Ltd:

Maretta Buckley

Marketing Assistant

Office: +61.2.6162.5120


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