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Bigpoint surpasses 1 billion daily transactions

Company operating 60 games in 180 countries

Bigpoint has revealed that it now processes over one billion transactions across its network each day.

The company, which runs the SeaFight and Dark Orbit MMOs, is operating its 60 different games in 180 countries across 25 languages. Bigpoint has also partnered with Panasonic to bring its forthcoming Battlestar Galactica browser MMO to the new Jungle handheld platform.

Last week, Bigpoint chairman Simon Guild told listeners at London's Evolve conference that he believed that subscription had a future in some form for MMOs, despite operating a microtransaction model for the company's titles.

"We didn't like the idea of subscription as a barrier, but....we think subscriptions will come back in a strange and unusual way – other ways of payment, all we're trying to do is reduce the barriers for people to buy our stuff," Guild told the conference.

"We also stopped doing [in-game] advertising, and now we're thinking of coming back to it. We had a company that pitched us $200 CPM - so we're thinking a lot harder about that.

"We actually think the future will be a bigger mix of all of these things and it won't just default to free to play."

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