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Bigpoint's 3D plans

Browser-based games Ruined Online and ToonRacer to enter the stereoscopic era.

•      “Real 3D” soon available in online browser games

•      First titles: Ruined Online und ToonRacer

Hamburg, Dec. 9, 2010 – Introducing the next dimension of online games: In the near future, players around the world will be able to experience something truly spectacular – the first Bigpoint browser games to incorporate stereoscopic 3D graphics. With the right hardware, stereoscopic 3D technology will take online browser-game graphics to new heights, demonstrating once again that conventional PC and console games have nothing on Bigpoint browser games.

Part of the action

Developed in-house at studios in San Francisco and Hamburg, Bigpoint’s first titles to support 3D technology are the post-apocalyptical action game “Ruined Online” and the high-speed racing adventure “ToonRacer”. In Ruined Online, players can fight epic battles before the breathtaking backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge, while gamers in ToonRacer can heat up the racecourse in action-packed 3D races. Just like in 3D movies, the impressive sense of depth created by stereoscopic 3D technology will pull players in and make them feel like they’re part of the action.

Bigpoint ready for the 3D generation

Both the Unity3D engine Bigpoint used to develop these two titles as well as their in-house-developed Nebula engine allow for 3D browser-game graphics. The games will communicate directly with the PC graphic card and no additional software will be necessary. Players will be able to immerse themselves in the game’s stereoscopic 3D realm immediately, provided they have all the necessary equipment: a 3D monitor, graphic card and LC shutter glasses (Costs: approx £400 depending on manufacturers).

“3D is the future of the entire entertainment industry,” says Heiko Hubertz, CEO of Bigpoint. “We want to be a part of this trend and make it possible for our users to experience intense gameplay directly in their browser. 3D graphics are a major highlight, especially in action-packed games such as Ruined Online and ToonRacer, which both have highly detailed browser-based game worlds.”

ToonRacer and Ruined Online will be the first Bigpoint games available in stereoscopic 3D. Both free-to-play browser games will be available online in spring 2011.

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About Bigpoint

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